ePOS Restaurant

ePOS Restaurant

ePOS Restaurant


eSoftix will make your customers with your future technologies with us. Your customers will click a quick orders using ePos machine straight to your kitchen’s monitors saving your seconds and pennies. Cashiers are able to take full control over the eating hall viewing availabilities at all tables in real time and all guest information are stored in one device.

All daily graphical reports are ready for you to track seasonal trends in your restaurant for a better decision making in the future. Take complete authority over your restaurant, bars, small or big eating area with our efficient ePOS Restaurant.

Complete Your Sale On The Spot
Customize your device with our fastest and smoothest software. It is very easy to use and take the very least time to train the employees. Our Software are compatible with Windows, Mac OS, iPhone ,and IPad or Smart phone. Quick service permit more products to be sold.

Secure & Stable
Your customers can confidently transfer payment with credit and visa cards. We make best practice and implementation of our POS software to make sure customers credit card information are 100% protected. Additionally, all your multiple logins and shop data are locked by our system letting only assigned users to get access.

Customize Your Services
Make the best benefit from your ePOS device equip with many features and add-on to work with. Owning the latest technologies will boost your customers cocksure over your business.

Lie behind your POS are all real time and historical data organized into graphical contexts to get the most accurate overview of your old or instant business performances. Customize your days with our ePOS.

Graphical Generator
When new data are entered into your POS, new coordinates are being plotted into your graph creating a hot spot for administrator getting the best authority of his/her business.

Manage Customers
Your customers’ information and current position are displayed in the ePOS graphical model. Even better, you are able to spit payment and print your customers’ invoices easily.

Manage ePOS’s Users
POS will record times and your employee’s progress, which users are working and where they are in your apartment. These paint the way for you to determine a correct payment of your employee.

Easy Reports
All items in your shop are modeled into pictures and numbers letting you realize what you need to add and deduct from your shelves.


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