Web Content

A great website is not as effective as a website with useful, persuasive and concise information for your customers. Our lead communication specialist can produce content for your website by collaborating with you to find out who your target audiences are and your key messages.


Melissa Chungfat, our communication specialist
from Canada, has experience working with
small businesses, universities, non-profits and
big companies in Canada and Cambodia since 2004.

In her previous jobs, she has written web content, travel
guides for Trip Advisor, managed social media accounts, blogs,
and collaborated with designers to produce marketing material.

She will collaborate with you and our team through Skype
and email to produce quality content for your website.


Trip Advisor has become a powerful tool for customers
and can be a free marketing tool for you. If you’re not yet
listed on Trip Advisor, you are missing out on a lot of potential
customers who can promote your business.

Not only can we help you get listed on Trip Advisor, but we can
coach you on how to respond to customers on the website for
both praises and complaints about your organization.

Strong customer relationships and communication is
an essential part of getting repeat customers.

More detaila: http://esoftix.com/services/web-content.html


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